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Thank you for contacting your legislator in support of services for the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library!

Your calls and meetings with your legislators seem to be paying off. The House budget came out on Friday, and contains a funding mechanism to fill the 2.4 million dollar backfill for the state library. It is anticipated the Senate budget will come out early this week, and there is some reason to believe it, too, will address the shortfall for the state library.

Thank you to everyone for what you all have done so far. Each of us does make a difference. I will keep everyone posted as I learn more. Denise Colley, WCB Legislative Committee Chair

Legislative hotline in Olympia? TOLL-FREE HOTLINE: 1-800-562-6000

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Braille Instruction Definitions  State law defines who can receive braille instruction.

Braille Instruction Assessment Provision in student curriculum

White Cane Law of Washington State  Under state law, people with vision impairment have the same rights as able-bodied people in transportation and public access.

Layla's Law  It is a violation of state law to interfere with a guide dog or service animal.

State and Federal Laws Related to Guide Dogs

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